Milena Thacker

A make-up artist and model, Milena has ensured that the quest for vegan ingredients has not compromised the professional quality of the Be at One line.  


Heather Mills

An early adopter of a fully vegan lifestyle, Heather is buzzing with excitement at being able to bring a vegan make-up brand to life. In 1993 Heather lost her lower leg in a traffic accident. Fighting infection, she put herself on a vegan diet. So successful was this new lifestyle in restoring and maintaining her health, she went on to found V-bites, an international, multi-award-winning, plant-based, vegan, ethical food company. Heather also champions numerous charities, campaigns and good causes and is the fastest disabled female on the planet – a record she achieved on skis. She was wearing lipstick at the time!ABOUT US



We love beautiful make-up that is good for our skin. We also like the idea of all sentient beings living in harmony.

Be at One is a vegan make-up brand launching in 2019 that keeps these two premises at the heart of all that we produce.