Summer makeup tips

Summer makeup tips
Are you in the mood to change up your makeup for the summer months? We have some great tips from the makeup artist who developed the Be At One makeup range and we think it will make all the difference to your new summer look. Whichever look you prefer with your makeup - from Maxi to minimal - these tips will help you get the most out of your products.

1. Always moisturise before applying makeup.
If your skin is dehydrated (which is common in the summer months) then you will need to add a moisture barrier prior to applying any makeup - even if you opt for a BB Cream, which contains SPF 30 to help protect your skin, or just a little powder. The better hydrated your skin is - the longer your makeup will stay put.

2. Exfoliate your lips before applying Lipstick or Lipgloss
For a smoother finish and longer lasting look make sure you rub a little scrub across your lips next time you exfoliate your face so you can get rid of any dry skin.

3. Blush is a perfect way to lightly contour
The Be At One range has lipstick that double as blush shades - making application super easy. Simply swipe a stripe of colour on the apple of the cheek and blend using your index finger or blender brush.

4. Mascara tips for a pro look
A little known fact is the double application of mascara will give the best lashes. Firstly half close your eyes and apply the mascara using the wand, root to tip on the top of the lashes. Then secondly open your eyes and apply root to tip on the underside of your lashes. Then don't forget to sweep the wand over the bottom lashes for added glam.

5. Blend your shades for your perfect look
BeAtOne offers a small shade range in our BB Creams because they are designed to blend for your perfect finish. Experiment with blending on the back of your hand to achieve your perfect finish. Dust a little powder on top to achieve a matt look and for a longer lasting finish.
Want to know our favourite products?
1. The Mascara (Be Eye-Catching) - Why? It gives excellent separation and lift to your lashes without clumping or giving you black smudges under your eyes.
2. The Lipgloss (Be Fabulous) - 4 fantastic shades that suit everyone and really last the day. We have a crush on Pink Crush in particular!
3. The BB Creams (Be Radiant) - giving you a light long-lasting coverage with SPF30 as an added bonus for protecting your skin.

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