What exactly is vegan make-up?

What exactly is vegan make-up?
You may have noticed that veganism is having a moment. Vegan recipes are splashed colourfully across instagram feeds, restaurant menus are offering vegan choices and, finally, vegan consumers are enjoying a field day.

However, Be at One is interested in veganism beyond just a fashionable food fad. We have found a lifestyle that suits us and we’re sticking with it through all foreseeable seasons. And because we love make-up, we decided to create our own fabulous range that we can guarantee is entirely vegan. What exactly do we mean by this? Put simply, our products are not tested on animals and they contain zero animal derivatives.

Surely animal testing was banned yonks ago? It is banned in the UK and the rest of the EU and, since March 2013, it has been illegal to sell cosmetic products within the EU that have been tested on animals or contain ingredients that have been. However, in the rest of the world it is a different story. The Chinese government has announced that controversial laws enforcing mandatory testing on animals will finally be lifted. This means that consumers are still buying cosmetics from companies that support testing on animals.

We don’t like the idea of any animal suffering or dying for our vanity. Even if we could extract animal products without harming the animals themselves, we wouldn’t because we don’t think it would be beneficial to our delicate skin. Our skin is highly absorbent and it follows that what we put onto our bodies is as important as what we put into our bodies, especially for sensitive skin.

What animal derivatives are in non-vegan make-up? Ready? Crushed beetles, for starters. Otherwise known as carmine, it is used to fortify colour in lipstick and blushers. Next up: pig fat. This is used in cheek products to plump the skin and means that many cosmetics are unsuitable for people whose religion advises them against consuming pig products.

Other non-vegan ingredients include fish scales, which are used to produce the iridescent quality in eye shadows. And we don’t really want to consider where shark liver extract or pregnant horse urine might be used. Some of these derivatives may be rarer than others but all non-vegan make-up will contain animal derivatives of some sort, even if it’s bees’ wax.

Be at One make-up nourishes and conditions your skin using plant-based goodness, including argan oil, aloe vera and avocado oil. It’s beautiful, is wonderful for your skin and leaves you with a clear conscience. Big, glossy kisses to that!

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