• Be at One is a beautiful brand of vegan make-up launching before the summer of 2019. 

  • Our first collection is small but perfectly formed: nine nifty new products for the face, eyes and lips, all of which are hard-working, fabulously formulated and easy to apply. 

  • Be at One is a compassionate make-up brand that doesn’t stint on quality and performance. 

  • Our make-up is certified vegan. This means that none of our products are tested on animals and none of them contain any animal derivatives whatsoever. We are a cruelty-free brand.


  • Be at One is suitable for all skin types.

  • Our careful choice of vegan ingredients means no nasties can get into your body through the skin, leaving it to breathe freely. 

  • The plant-based ingredients we have used are super hydrating. This is beneficial for dry skin, obviously, but also for oily skin which, when properly hydrated, stops producing so much oil. 

  • Our make-up will not block your pores and is therefore kind to sensitive skin.

  • Our range is full of rich, velvety pigment. It blends like a dream and won’t slide off. 

  • We’ve used fabulous colours and our moisturing, vegan ingredients ensure your skin is glowing, not dull.

  • Just because it’s vegan, doesn’t mean we’ve compromised on quality. These are top-performing, beautiful cosmetics. 


We love beautiful make-up that is good for our skin. We also like the idea of all sentient beings living in harmony. Be at One is a vegan make-up brand launching in 2019 that keeps these two premises at the heart of all that we produce.

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Heather Mills

An early adopter of a fully vegan lifestyle, Heather is buzzing with excitement at being able to bring to life an incredible vegan make-up brand that doesn’t cost the earth. In 1993 Heather lost her lower leg in a traffic accident. Fighting infection, she put herself on a vegan diet. So successful was this new lifestyle in restoring and maintaining her health, she went on to found V-bites, an international, multi-award-winning, plant-based, vegan, ethical food company. Heather also champions numerous charities, campaigns and good causes, and is the fastest disabled female on the planet – a record she achieved on skis. She was wearing lipstick at the time!

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Milena Thacker

Milena has worked in the fashion industry all of her adult life, first as an international model, then as a make-up artist. Building on her passion and extensive knowledge of cosmetics, Milena turned to product development. With the Be at One line, she has ensured that the quest for vegan ingredients has not compromised the professional quality and beauty of the brand. Milena is convinced that a vegan lifestyle brings huge health benefits, particularly with regards to dewy skin and sparkling eyes. She is also a woman who knows the power of a great lip gloss!

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Ruth Matthews

Ruth started out as a model and then travelled the world as cabin crew, before training as an holistic therapist. A marathon runner, skier and gymnast, she has always been fit and active. Ruth has been Heather’s right-hand woman and best friend for over 33 years. Like Heather, she is a committed vegan and passionately believes that a plant-based lifestyle can lead to good health and happiness. She also loves wearing make-up, even when climbing Everest!

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Dr Vivian Chen

Vivian is a trained medic with 14 years clinical experience in treating acute and chronic illnesses. As a result of her children’s severe allergies, Vivian began to research the role of nutrition in health and wellness and is now a passionate practitioner of lifestyle medicine. A vegan and firm believer in the restorative power of plant-based living, she knows that what you put on your skin is as important as the food you eat. Be at One is just what the doctor ordered!

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