Why choose us?

Be@One is a small compassionate cosmetics company. Everything we do is driven by our core beliefs.

We believe that:
  • Beauty comes in many forms.
  • Animals should not suffer for the make-up we wear.
  • We must all take responsibility for the impact of our buying decisions.
  • Small positive changes can collectively make a big difference to our world.
  • Ethical choices should not mean a compromise on quality.

All Be@One products are 100% certified vegan. That means that none are tested on animals or contain any animal derivatives whatsoever (Something that can’t be said by all our competitors).

Our first collection consists of nine products for the face, eyes and lips, all of which are hard-working, fabulously formulated and easy to apply. Our products won’t block your pores and are suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin!

Be@One make-up has a full, rich, velvety pigment. You’ll find it blends like a dream and stays put. It’s ethical and affordable with a quality that’s up there with the leading premium brands on the market. 

Try it we’re sure you'll love it!